Who are we

NUNCA MAS’s members share the organizational values and the vision of a just world without collective violence.

NUNCA MAS also includes specialized members who possess knowledge or/and skills that are valuable for supporting the work of local partners. Although NUNCA MAS is based in Denmark, it has an international and multicultural sensitive approach and perspective, an international membership and board and collaborates closely with professionals from all over the world.

Committed professionals with many years of practical and theoretical experiences in mental health and development and with an in-depth knowledge of the countries they are working with.

NUNCA MAS has a membership and board of psychologists, social anthropologists, psychiatrists, public health specialists and others with experience in development and management of development programs. The professionals are associated with, e.g., George Washington University, Washington and Nordic Institute for Asian Studies (NIAS) at the University of Copenhagen. In addition, NUNCA MAS draws on the expertise of communication specialists.



Special thanks for their collaboration:

Michael Nørgaard Andersen. 

Jorge Alberto Castro Armijo

Sara Domínguez Tinajero


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